GC and NMR Rental.

SAMSI AS and SAMSI INSTRUMENTS SWEDEN will start rental of analytical instruments on monthly basis. We do have portable and lab GCs for rent. We also have bench top NMR for possible rent at this time. More details will be available shortly.

GCs for rent:

Scion Instruments 436 + Compass SW. System is configured with split/splitless injector and flame ionisation detector. System can be rented out with a 8400 autosampler if needed. System is a once channel capillary system ready to analyse FAMEs, hydrocarbons, alcoholes and more.

PerkinElmer 580 + TotalChrom SW. System is configured with a programable split splitless injector with manual pneumatics and a FID with PPC. System is a one channel capillary system ready to analyse FAMEs, hydrocarbons, alcoholes, PAH and more.

  SRIGC MultiGasAnalyser #3 with sulfur. System built for permanent gases, light hydrocarbons and sulfur compounds, for complete description download documentation here. Cover need of natural gas analysis inkl low level sulfur compounts. Can also do low level CO and CO2. System comes in transportable container.

      SRIGC 8610 with split/splitless injector and combined FID/FPD detector. System is a transportable GC that comes with in a re-useable container. Its a one channel system that simultaneously detector carbon based organic compound and sulfur bound organic compounds. Ideal for field measurements of H2S, COS, mercaptanes and light hydrocarbons.

Bench Top NMR for rent:

 BRUKER Minispec BenchTop NMR

Booking and quotes:

For GC email: terje@samsi.no

For NMR email: emil@samsi.no

General terms: Equipment are rented out on a monthly base. Instrument will be set up for actual application. Installation  and training comes in addition if needed. Column, standards and any consumable may be added as well. We are happy to quote complete rental projects.

The GC listed can be rented out on short notice and for shorter periods.

For projects of 18 to 72 months we can rent out any SCION INSTRUMENT lab GC. For field work and transportable application we can rent out any SRIGC, and for online application we rent out Ldetek systems.