Time Domain NMR as a Versatile Tool for Rapid Quality Control and Research 18-19 OCT 2016

Day 1

  • Short introduction of SAMSI and the participants
  • Overview of the types of NMR instrumentation
  • Time Domain NMR – what properties can be measured?
  • Basic principles of NMR technique
  • Bruker the minispec – available configurations and features
  • Most common TD NMR applications for QA and R&D
  • BCA analysis by Bruker LF series instruments

Day 2

  • Sample preparation
  • Practical exercises on Bruker the minispec:
    • Checking the instrument status
    • “Daily check” and “Update settings” routines
    • Solid Fat Content (SFC)
    • Calibration routine for total moisture content
    • T1 sand T2 Relaxation time analysis
    • Possibility to bring your own reference samples and unknown samples for testing
  • Basic maintenance, dismounting of RF probe, sample height adjustment
  • Introduction to the application editing and development (ExSpel)
  • What to check if the minispec does not seem to work normally (troubleshooting guide).
  • Accessories: temperature control, autosamplers, gradient unit, balance

Seminar fee will be: 6550 NOK

Deadline for signing on to seminar:  October 1, 2016

Email your registration to: samsi@samsi.no

Combine this activity and visit us at VWR dagen Oct 20.